Sunday, November 11, 2012

A few craft fair items...

I have done a few craft fairs this past month and just wanted to post a few pictures to show some of the items I have been making...for some reason I haven't taken pictures of everything (I know...such a slacker!!!) but I do have a picture of my table from one of the fairs. These were from a Fall Festival at an elementary school. I didn't sell a whole lot but I talked with quite a few potential customers and enjoyed watching the kids play the games. The only problem was that they set me up right next to the balloon popping booth...let me tell you-after the first hour my nerves were shot from the constant popping!!!! LOL

Here is my table set up, it was too cluttered for what I normally like but I was in a hurry and forgot my other table.
The next picture is of some of the Post-it Note Holders I made using 4x6 acrylic frames from the dollar store.

The next are a few of the Altered Comp. books with matching RSVP pens. I didn't go all out on decorating because I was running out of time.

These, for reasons I cannot explain were my best sellers at both of the fairs I have done so far...Mustaches (either on a stick or with holes punched in them to slide over a sucker). I expected them to do well at the school because of the kids...but in all honesty-the adults bought more of them then the kids!

Here is the cutest couple modeling the sucker 'staches! Aren't they adorable (I don't know the couple...they were just so much fun and such great sports-I think I sold so many of them because of these two!)

Some of the other items that I made were covered peppermint patties, covered Hershey Nuggets in a decorated package, mini purses with chapstick in them and some other misc. items.
Most all of the items were done using the amazingly awesome CTMH Cricut Artiste Cartridge and of course the fun papers and embellishments we offer! Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my website if you are looking for some great products to make your craft/home decor projects with. Also, if you have any questions on how to make any of these items-just ask and I will be more than happy to help!

Friday, September 7, 2012

ABC's of Techniques...the letter "B"

"B" is for Backgrounds!
I love seeing how creative people are with making backgrounds for their cards and scrapbooking projects. I have learned so many new things by browsing the Internet, looking at crafting magazines and just hanging out with other crafters. Today I am going to show you a few background papers that I played with. I tried a few new of them was posted on another website and that's where I learned it, the other was just a random thought I had...may not have been worth the mess...but I hope you like it. I have tried a few very cool techniques that you really should experiment with because they make some amazing prints ( pictures but I'm sure you can look up the techniques on the Internet and find some samples). Some of my favorites are to put a few drops of ink in a bowl of water, use a straw to blow bubbles (you get to feel like such a much fun!) and then take your paper and gently put it on the bubbles until they pop on the paper. Another fun way to play is to put some shaving cream on a paper plate, put a few drops of different colored ink around and swirl them with a toothpick; then place your paper on your shaving cream. As you wipe off the shaving cream, your pattern will start to show and will be two papers will ever by the same!
For today I am first going to show you the technique that I saw online...Bubble wrap! Not only is it fun to POP...but you can use it for some pretty cool stuff (just don't try to pop it after you make your paper-that could be very messy). The first thing you are going to do is lay the bubble wrap on a flat surface and then either pat it with your ink pad or rub your ink pad on top of it. For this card I used the new CTMH Pigment Ink-it's a wetter ink and I felt it would give me a little more time to play.
I then turned the bubble wrap over and patted the ink onto the paper...
Next comes the fun part...figuring out how you're going to use it. I decided to use it as water with the whale stamp from the Under the Sea stamp set. I also figured it needed some bling so I covered each of the dots in glitter to give it more of a watery look.
The next patterned paper I played with was kind of fun-but kind of messy too (but isn't that the best kind-your not stampin' if your fingers aren't multi-colored.)
I was looking around the house for something unique to try and that's when I saw it...
Rice, Rice Baby!!! Oh yeah-it makes some pretty cool grass!
I just put some in a bag, added a few drops of Olive re-inker, shaken-not stirred!
I then just poured it out onto some colonial white paper and kind patted and smeared it around a bit, be sure to wear gloves-otherwise your hands will be the color of your rice!

I'm sorry that the pictures aren't the greatest for details, between my camera and the lack of lighting in my pictures are all pretty lacking.

Here is my finished project with the A Tree and Card Chatter-Sympathy stamp sets.

Thanks for looking and be sure to come back for the letter "C" so you can find out what a blond crafter I am. I have been paper crafting for YEARS...and had no idea you could do this until I joined CTMH. It is so simple and I am sure you all know how to do it...but come and share in my being oblivious :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

The ABC's of papercrafting techniques...

So it's obvious that I am a horrible blogger! I can admit failure, as hard as that is! But there may be hope for me yet! I think I may have figured out a way to help my "slackerness" (I know-it's not a word but it fits how I feel).  I was surfing through some other blogs when I came to one that caught my interest ( ...she (Shellie) is doing the ABC's of Techniques. I figure that I could challenge myself and do something similar to this. I think that by using her concept I hopefully will not only learn some new techniques (and help others learn new things as well), but it will also help me to be more active on my blog. My hope is that I will be able to post a different technique each week...maybe even more (I won't commit to that does happen fast).

A = Altered Items
For my first technique I am doing an altered item. One of my favorite things about paper crafting is the fact that you can take a plain piece of paper and make something amazing out of it. It's even better when you can take what would otherwise be known as trash and transform it into something usable!
Here is a picture of a few examples of the "trash to treasure" concept...

On the left is a yogurt container on top and the same style container decorated to be used as a desk caddy or a gift container. In the middle is a penny bank that was made out of an oatmeal container (one of my favorite projects ever!!!)

For today I altered one of the inexpensive wooden frames from Wal-Mart (only $1-how can you beat that!) Here is what it looked like fresh from the store...
The first thing I did after picking out my paper was to trim it to the needed size (just lay it down on the backside of the paper and trace around it's inside and outside). There are a lot of different adhesives that you can use but today I used the Liquid Glass.

The great thing with using the Liquid Glass is that you have a little bit of freedom to move the paper around if you didn't line it up right. It does dry fast though so don't take to long! After the paper is adhered to the frame you can trim any extra paper and around the corners if necessary. I also go around the edges with a nail file to smooth them out.
Now starts the fun part...the decorating! I don't know about you...but sometimes I will start a project with one thing in mind and somewhere along the takes a wild turn and you just have to go with the flow! That is totally what happened with this one...and I LOVE the results! Originally I was planning on just using the paper to embellish this. There are beautiful flowers on the backside of this paper and I was just planning on cutting them out for the decoration...
This idea went away as soon as I decided to use the Cocoa colored ribbon around the outside and inside of the frame...the colors together reminded me of fall...and then I remembered this BEAUTIFUL picture of my Cousins daughter-I knew then what I had to do!!! The ribbon technique used around the inside is called "ruching" (not sure if I spelled that right)...maybe that can be a technique for you to look forward to in the future :)
This is the final project...I have to say a huge THANK YOU to my cousin Stephanie for letting my use Avery's picture...this frame would be nothing if it wasn't for the BEAUTIFUL young fairy inside of it! (This picture does not do her justice - my camera is not very good...and the lighting in my house is even worse!)
I also want to say Thank You to Shellie at for inspiring me to be more creative and more proactive on my blog!!!

Thanks for taking the time to follow along and hopefully you will join me for the rest of the alphabet! By the way...I still need ideas for the letters U, X and Y if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Retiring CTMH Items - Get them while you can!!!!!

Woohoo...we are so close to our new Idea Book being active (August 1st) and I CANNOT wait to be able to share all of our new goodies with you!!!! There is even a new cricut cartridge...with a LOT of 3D items...I am not so patiently waiting to get this so I can!!!
For right now I don't want to give to much away about what's to come...I just want to let you know what all is have until the end of this month for these items and then they will be gone! Don't miss out!!!

Special THANKS to Tamytha Jenkins for letting me use the pictures that she worked so hard to put together.

Don't only have until the end of this month to purchase these items...if you have any questions or are interested in ordering feel free to contact me at or you can just go and order directly from my website at

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finally...some creative MOJO!

Lately it seems as if every time I go into my "craft room" to TRY and create something...nothing seems to work the way I want it to...and the things that I do make, I just don't like. This week has been a pretty busy week for me (keep in mind that I am normally a total home body that does nothing more then going to work). I have finally made the decision that after 22 years....YIKES...I will be going back to school. Yes, you heard correctly...22 years...isn't that scary-I have NO IDEA where the time has gone. I spent Monday and Tuesday down at BCC (Brevard Community College) to turn in my enrollment application and proof of residency (I got there right before closing on Monday and they needed more information so had to go back on Tuesday...just my luck). I got my letter "congratulating" me on my enrollment and letting me know that I have to take a test and do the orientation and then I will meet with an advisor to see where I go from there! Is it sad that as much as I hated school when I was younger...I am actually excited about this?
My other fun (more like torture) from this past week was going to Zumba with a friend...I had a blast dancing and attempting to make my body move the way the instructors did (which by the way...there is no physical way that my booty can shake like hers). I say torture because the pain of what I had done was SLOW to creep up on me. I work in an office now and really don't do a lot of physical things...I was great the next was Friday that I was miserable...I felt pain in places that I didn't know existed! But...we did enjoy ourselves so much that we decided to go back every week...who knows...maybe I will become a Salsa Dancer...hahahaha...sorry-I couldn't even finish that one...not with how clumsy and stiff my body is!
Ok...the great thing is that with all of my craziness this week...I actually did have some inspiration. I just had to simplify my creative thoughts and let the stamps do the work for me. That is the AMAZING thing about these stamps that I am showing you today...they are easy-peasy!

The first card pictured is using the "A Tree" stamp set and the second card is using the "Adore" set. Both of these make the projects easy because the stamps have enough detail on them that you really don't have to "think" when using them! I love an easy project!!! lol
This next card is one that I copied the idea from Tamytha Jenkins (my CTMH upline/mentor), I loved how she used the Waterbrush on a sunflower card that she had made and I just had to try it! I like how this looks and I learned a few lessons while creating...make sure you heat set your stamped image before you use the Waterbrush...and play around on some scratch paper so that you can get familiar with how much water to use. I have had this brush for a long time (over a year) and because I was intimidated by has just sat unused. What a's really easy once you get into it and I love the water color look! I also did some random stamping of another sunflower on the background paper because it was to plain with just the solid paper. I think it is so cool that you can transform a boring piece of paper into whatever is needed to match your project with just a simple stamp! picture does not do this card justice-it is much prettier in person!
Well...that's it for my creative mojo this weekend...I hope to still be able to do some more crafting many little time :)
Have a GREAT day and don't forget...there is only a week left of the "Stampaganza" special...if you buy 2 stamp sets you get 1 for FREE!!! Just check out my website if you want to see the wonderful products that Close To My Heart has to offer!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Moms 70th Birthday I know that once again I haven't posted anything in a VERY long time...and even for this post I am really late (moms birthday was in April).
For the first time ever we were able to have a "Girls Only Weekend" and it was absolutely amazing. My mom, all 6 of us girls and 3 of my nieces all spent the weekend in a house my sister had rented near the ocean. The house was beautiful with a gorgeous view of the water (even though it was overcast for most of the's Washington State...what do you expect) and the company was very entertaining to say the least! For anyone that knows us you understand...things get kind of crazy when the Wheelers get together ;)
This is a picture of mom and all of her can tell how cold it was by the way we were all bundled up! After living in Florida for so long...I forgot what the beaches were like up there and I am soooo thankful for the sun and sand at home!!!

Here is a video of some of my sisters being there silly selves...they are some crazy monkeys! I know that I am going to be in A LOT of trouble for posting this so I really hope you enjoy their talent...SWIL (something my sisters came up with over this weekend to use instead of means Snort While I'm Laughing...which one of my sisters does quite often!)

I also wanted to share the collage frame and card that I made for my mom. I bought the frame from Hobby Lobby but most of the other supplies used are from Close To My Heart.

I had so much fun making this card and LOVED the way it turned out...I almost didn't want to give it away (but knowing it was made for my Mom made it more then worth it!).
Thanks for taking the time to visit and I will make more of an effort to post at least monthly (hopefully more)!

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Stampaganza Mystery Hostess online party

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Open House project and other recent crafts.

I had my Open House for the new Spring/Summer Idea Book last weekend. I had a pretty good turn out and really enjoyed the chance to meet and interact with some new ladies! It was from 1-5pm where everyone could just come and go as they was so much fun for me because most of the ladies got there at about 1:30 and stayed unit about 5:30pm...that's how much fun we were having creating and talking about the new and amazing products! One of the ladies described our new papers as being "DELICIOUS"...isn't that a wonderful description!!! We did two create-n-take items, one was a thanks card and the other was a popcorn wrapper...these are so easy and they were fun to make.
I used the Cruisin paper, the February Stamp of the Month, button brads and Bakers Twine for this.

My other creation this week was a wedding card for my younger sister (the fun thing works for the H2H Challenge this week and I didn't even try to do that!). She was originally going to get married in June and it was going to be a beach themed wedding...for some reason they decided to get married earlier (this Friday) but I decided that a beach theme card would be appropriate. It's a fairly simple card but I like it that way. I very rarely finish the insides of the card so it was a challenge for me to find the right saying/poem and then make it match the card. To make it work I just printed the poem on the patterned paper that I used on the the effect!

Lastly I want to share with you a picture that I did as a sample for my Open House using the Florentine paper. This is a picture of my sister (the same one that is getting married) and her son...I absolutely love the picture and I really wanted to do it justice by using the right papers and embellishements!


Sunday, February 5, 2012


I am not what I would call a "girly-girl". I like pink and I like flowers...but not I'm not much on the combination of the two in my craft projects. That is why I am so suprised that of all the paper packets in the new Idea Book...I chose Lucy to create with first...and I LOVE how it looks!!!!
This is my version of the Lucy WOTG...I had to change it a bit because I don't have a daughter so the phrase "you'll always be mine" just didn't fit. This little girl (she is not this little anymore) was our neighbor for a long time and she was such a fun and vibrant (still is) young one...she melted our hearts on day one of us moving in! I couldn't resist using her for this layout because she introduced herself to us as "Dutchess Miss-Miss and she was TOTALLY into the princess crowns and dressing in all things girly and pink (just to go and climb the trees and play in the dirt with her brothers)! I miss our old home...but not having her and her brothers near us was/is definitely the hardest part of having to move away from there!

I also had some fun playing with these yogurt containers that Dennis brought home. Is it sad that you can see something as practical as a yogurt container and get excited because you think it would make a cute container for your embellishments? Dennis sure thought so...but he DID save them for me...I have such a sweet husband :) I used the Lucy paper, the stamp set that comes with the WOTG and some bitty sparkles on one of these, the other is made with the Pemberly paper, Paradise Paper Flowers, Blue Assortment Buttons and the Bitty Sparkles. I LOVE that you can take "trash" and make something useful and cute from it! All of these items used can be found in the NEW and AMAZING Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book from Close To My Heart. (Except the yogurt

Well...I have so many more things I want to create...hopefully my mojo sticks around for the rest of the day so I can have more fun and creative things to show you!  Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT Superbowl Sunday!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I can't believe how long it's been!

Time sure flies by waaaay to fast! Also...I am not so good at keeping up with all this techy stuff! I could come up with a lot of other excuses but what good will that do! LOL
One of my goals (not a new years resolution-those are just meant to be broken) is to do a better job of posting on here. I love creating and I really do want to share that love with others!
Today I wanted to share a card I made with the January SOTM - "Little Reminder". When I first saw this stamp set I didn't think that I would use it...boy was I has A LOT of potential!!! I have had so much fun playing with these is a definite must have!
You will also be getting a preview of one of our new paper packets from our AWESOME new Spring/Summer Idea Book. There are so many amazing new items (papers, stamps, embellishments, My Creations items...the list goes on and on) that it is hard to pick my favorites. I do have to admit that the Pemberly is full of such beautiful colors and flowers...I LOVE IT!!!
The picture does not do this card justice...I had to take it with my phone and the room was dark...I will take a better one when I get my camera back. This is all done with the Pemberly paper...I made the Rosette with a 1-1/2" strip of paper and scored it ever 1/4". I stamped the Little Reminders stamps onto the same patterned paper that is on the top of the card using Outdoor Denim ink. I would NEVER have thought to stamp on patterned paper if it wasn't for our new Idea Book...I love that you can teach an old dog new tricks!!! It comes out wonderful and gives the card such a rich look!

For the inside of the card I used the sentiment from "Hooray Bouquet".
Thank you for looking and I promise to do a much better job of sharing and posting! Have a WONDERFUL and CREATIVE day!!!