Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finally...some creative MOJO!

Lately it seems as if every time I go into my "craft room" to TRY and create something...nothing seems to work the way I want it to...and the things that I do make, I just don't like. This week has been a pretty busy week for me (keep in mind that I am normally a total home body that does nothing more then going to work). I have finally made the decision that after 22 years....YIKES...I will be going back to school. Yes, you heard correctly...22 years...isn't that scary-I have NO IDEA where the time has gone. I spent Monday and Tuesday down at BCC (Brevard Community College) to turn in my enrollment application and proof of residency (I got there right before closing on Monday and they needed more information so had to go back on Tuesday...just my luck). I got my letter "congratulating" me on my enrollment and letting me know that I have to take a test and do the orientation and then I will meet with an advisor to see where I go from there! Is it sad that as much as I hated school when I was younger...I am actually excited about this?
My other fun (more like torture) from this past week was going to Zumba with a friend...I had a blast dancing and attempting to make my body move the way the instructors did (which by the way...there is no physical way that my booty can shake like hers). I say torture because the pain of what I had done was SLOW to creep up on me. I work in an office now and really don't do a lot of physical things...I was great the next was Friday that I was miserable...I felt pain in places that I didn't know existed! But...we did enjoy ourselves so much that we decided to go back every week...who knows...maybe I will become a Salsa Dancer...hahahaha...sorry-I couldn't even finish that one...not with how clumsy and stiff my body is!
Ok...the great thing is that with all of my craziness this week...I actually did have some inspiration. I just had to simplify my creative thoughts and let the stamps do the work for me. That is the AMAZING thing about these stamps that I am showing you today...they are easy-peasy!

The first card pictured is using the "A Tree" stamp set and the second card is using the "Adore" set. Both of these make the projects easy because the stamps have enough detail on them that you really don't have to "think" when using them! I love an easy project!!! lol
This next card is one that I copied the idea from Tamytha Jenkins (my CTMH upline/mentor), I loved how she used the Waterbrush on a sunflower card that she had made and I just had to try it! I like how this looks and I learned a few lessons while creating...make sure you heat set your stamped image before you use the Waterbrush...and play around on some scratch paper so that you can get familiar with how much water to use. I have had this brush for a long time (over a year) and because I was intimidated by has just sat unused. What a's really easy once you get into it and I love the water color look! I also did some random stamping of another sunflower on the background paper because it was to plain with just the solid paper. I think it is so cool that you can transform a boring piece of paper into whatever is needed to match your project with just a simple stamp! picture does not do this card justice-it is much prettier in person!
Well...that's it for my creative mojo this weekend...I hope to still be able to do some more crafting many little time :)
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Moms 70th Birthday I know that once again I haven't posted anything in a VERY long time...and even for this post I am really late (moms birthday was in April).
For the first time ever we were able to have a "Girls Only Weekend" and it was absolutely amazing. My mom, all 6 of us girls and 3 of my nieces all spent the weekend in a house my sister had rented near the ocean. The house was beautiful with a gorgeous view of the water (even though it was overcast for most of the's Washington State...what do you expect) and the company was very entertaining to say the least! For anyone that knows us you understand...things get kind of crazy when the Wheelers get together ;)
This is a picture of mom and all of her can tell how cold it was by the way we were all bundled up! After living in Florida for so long...I forgot what the beaches were like up there and I am soooo thankful for the sun and sand at home!!!

Here is a video of some of my sisters being there silly selves...they are some crazy monkeys! I know that I am going to be in A LOT of trouble for posting this so I really hope you enjoy their talent...SWIL (something my sisters came up with over this weekend to use instead of means Snort While I'm Laughing...which one of my sisters does quite often!)

I also wanted to share the collage frame and card that I made for my mom. I bought the frame from Hobby Lobby but most of the other supplies used are from Close To My Heart.

I had so much fun making this card and LOVED the way it turned out...I almost didn't want to give it away (but knowing it was made for my Mom made it more then worth it!).
Thanks for taking the time to visit and I will make more of an effort to post at least monthly (hopefully more)!

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