Monday, April 22, 2013

Diaper Baby and Crib

I have made many diaper wreaths and diaper cakes so when I was invited to a baby shower recently-I really wanted to try something different!
While looking around for ideas I found several tutorials on how to make a Diaper Baby...they made it look so easy...but of course I tend to be a slow learner and lose patience if it doesn't turn out right the first time :0) This is how my baby turned out...
While I thought "she" was cute...she was still just to plain. I had seen people make little strollers and bassinets for smaller I got that light-bulb moment (the one that proves to my husband what a total dork I can be.) The baby NEEDED a crib...but that created my dilemma of HOW???? Well after several failed attempts I just wrapped a bunch of rolled diapers with paper so that I could glue them to the lid of a box without ruining the diapers. I used wooden dowels in the center of the diapers for the "bars" and the top of the crib.
After I figured out how to secure it all (see the glue gun in the best friend for this project!) Here is a picture of the finished project, after all the work it was really hard to give away! The fun part is that the mom is keeping it together so that when the baby is born she can take a picture of the baby in the "diaper crib" - I can't wait to see those pictures!
 The ribbons used to decorate the corners and the center of the base are actually hair ribbons so the mom can reuse those pieces of the crib too!
Of course...I couldn't do a project without using some Close To My Heart products...I made the banner and the butterflies with the Cricut's a close up to see them...
Thanks for looking and I hope you are inspired to have some fun with your next baby shower gift!