Sunday, February 5, 2012


I am not what I would call a "girly-girl". I like pink and I like flowers...but not I'm not much on the combination of the two in my craft projects. That is why I am so suprised that of all the paper packets in the new Idea Book...I chose Lucy to create with first...and I LOVE how it looks!!!!
This is my version of the Lucy WOTG...I had to change it a bit because I don't have a daughter so the phrase "you'll always be mine" just didn't fit. This little girl (she is not this little anymore) was our neighbor for a long time and she was such a fun and vibrant (still is) young one...she melted our hearts on day one of us moving in! I couldn't resist using her for this layout because she introduced herself to us as "Dutchess Miss-Miss and she was TOTALLY into the princess crowns and dressing in all things girly and pink (just to go and climb the trees and play in the dirt with her brothers)! I miss our old home...but not having her and her brothers near us was/is definitely the hardest part of having to move away from there!

I also had some fun playing with these yogurt containers that Dennis brought home. Is it sad that you can see something as practical as a yogurt container and get excited because you think it would make a cute container for your embellishments? Dennis sure thought so...but he DID save them for me...I have such a sweet husband :) I used the Lucy paper, the stamp set that comes with the WOTG and some bitty sparkles on one of these, the other is made with the Pemberly paper, Paradise Paper Flowers, Blue Assortment Buttons and the Bitty Sparkles. I LOVE that you can take "trash" and make something useful and cute from it! All of these items used can be found in the NEW and AMAZING Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book from Close To My Heart. (Except the yogurt

Well...I have so many more things I want to create...hopefully my mojo sticks around for the rest of the day so I can have more fun and creative things to show you!  Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT Superbowl Sunday!!!

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