Saturday, September 7, 2013

Awesome thrift store find!

Until recently, I absolutely HATED going to any flea market or thrift store. As kids we used to have to go with my dad and all I could remember is how BORING it was and how everything seemed so dark and dirty in them. While I still think that there are some that are dirty and chaotic (after working in retail for so many years...I kind of have a bit of OCD with my shopping...I can't function if things are not straight and organized), I do appreciate the fun of finding inexpensive items that you can "re-purpose" or recycle.

I don't know why...but I am on this flower kick. I am obsessed with making them (I don't even wear them...but I love them.) My main problem is that fabric can be so expensive, especially since there is a learning curve with me making these flowers and more seems to go in the trash then onto the actual flower. I was so excited when I toughed it out and went into our local ASPCA Thrift Store...and it was CLEAN...and for the most part...organized. And then it made it even better when I found two sheer curtain panels for only .50cents a piece! I can probably get about 10 flowers out of each panel...ohhh...I will be so ready for the farmers market or the upcoming craft fair season :)

Here is a sample of the first flower I made from one of the panels...

 A close up of the flower...

If you are curious how to make this flower this is a wonderful tutorial and they even have printable patterns for the circles. I didn't do the biggest size circle for this one because I didn't want the flower to be that enormous!

Here are a few other flowers that I played with tonight also...

Now I need to go back to that thrift store and find some other items that I can alter...or distress...or cover...or paint...way to many options (maybe I should stay focused on one thing for a while...yeah right!)

Thanks for looking and just comment or email me if you have any questions!

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